Full truck loads Spain-Italy

Bosatrans specialises in transporting full loads between Spain and Italy. This form of transport, also known as FTL (Full Truck Load) is the fastest alternative for hauling shipments of the same customer directly from the loading to the unloading point. This is because stoppages and waits are avoided in deliveries of other goods that are not bound for the same recipient. This also makes it possible to predict shipment delivery deadlines and times much more exactly.

load capacity in individual vehicles
in goods in road trains
annual rotations

Advantages of the Bosatrans Spain-Italy full truck load service

We have accumulated extensive experience: 3,500 rotations and tens of thousands of tonnes transported every year.

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We provide advice on how to adapt the service.

We manage each and every one of the transport stages, from departure through to arrival at destination.

We organise daily departures.

We have warehouses and forwarding agents at all our destination areas.

We have our own fleet of vehicles.

Forklift in warehouse

We manage our operations with cutting-edge technologies.

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We monitor our shipments constantly by GPS.

Full truck loads Spain-Italy

Bosatrans has more than 25 years of experience in international goods transport all over Europe, and more particularly in overland haulage between Spain and Italy.

This accumulated experience, knowledge and safety/security has led to a company that currently employs a team of more than 100 people and has a fleet of over 70 own vehicles, including trucks and road trains.

Every year, we haul more than 90,000 tonnes of goods and serve over 300 regular customers.

We have warehouses and forwarding agents all over Europe. This allows us to offer a service renowned for its quality, speed and efficacy.

Our customers benefit from the expertise that years of experience have brought us, our personnel’s professional approach and our technical resources. This allows us to make sure that they choose the best logistical solution, one that is suited to their needs.